KeimKraft Furniture


KeimKraft is the culmination of one man?s desires and dreams to do something that makes a difference at the personal level.


KeimKraft is the vessel through which ideas and thoughts are expressed in the form of warm comfortable furniture that is no longer readily available.? It is built with passion and he desire to leave a lasting impression.


KeimKraft is the creation of H. David Keim, who was born and lived his youthful years in north central Ohio. Here David was exposed to the craftsman ship of Amish and German immigrant craftsman and machinists.? The thrill of machinery and tools took second place to the magic of the mastery the men who used them to practice their craft.? It was a marvel to watch how the ingenuity of masters used these tools beyond their apparent capacity to shape and mold beautiful forms from wood.


David built a small home shop in the mid-seventies and equipped it with a compliment of simple but adequate tools.? After years of making personal items for friends and family, it became apparent that this was only a beginning.? In the early 1990?s, the shop was retooled and now resides in a garage in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina.? This home business is growing and plans are being made to expand to a larger shop as business continues to grow.


The KeimKraft shop is a place where the tradition of fine woodworking is preserved as we produce furniture one piece at a time.? The personal passion for making beautiful and functional furniture is driven by customer satisfaction.? There is no finer feeling than watching the reactions of satisfied customers when a quality piece of furniture is delivered to its new owner.? It is an emotionally rewarding experience often filled with tears of joy and expressions of appreciation.?




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