The Art of Buying Quality Furniture and What it Means for You

     Our Motto: You don't have to "settle" - Our business is built on the concept that you should have what you want. You shouldn't "settle" for second best. We make what you can't find. Full rich hardwood, hand finished. Custom built and sized to fit your needs.

      Your home is a special place where you and your family have personalized a life style. After your house and automobile, your furniture is the third most expensive investment you own. It is a place of comfort and a reflection of you. KeimKraft furniture makes a house feel like a home.

      Elegant furniture, properly sized and matched to fit in the surroundings of each room tells a story about your family and your lifestyle.

      An elegant home, built by craftsmen, should be accented by the appropriate furniture. Warm, sturdy, hardwood furniture with room appeal should be placed carefully for the greatest effect. Quality hardwood furniture and craftsmanship are the elements of such fine furniture.

Heirloom Quality Furniture:       What makes "Heirloom Quality" Furniture?
Our products are made of solid hardwood with the finest joinery techniques and is built to last. Each piece is made to be handed down over generations. It is carefully assembled and finished by hand. The quality of the wood grain and hand craftsman ship make it immediately recognizable as a cherished possession. We don't cut corners. There is no use of cheap materials in hidden parts.

      Heirloom furniture that was built generations ago, still exists today; but it is becoming more difficult to find. You can spot it immediately when you step inside a home with items built 50, 100, or even 200 years ago (possibly older). Built with full sized lumber from Cherry, Maple, Oak, Walnut, or exotic woods, this furniture is becoming more difficult to find because factories are cutting cost and mass producing. With KeimKraft you get only the best. For every building project, each piece of lumber is hand selected and purchased to deliver the best possible quality.

      These are conversation pieces, readily recognized, when visitors come into your home. It is common to hear, "That chest belonged to my Great Grandmother". "The dinning room table has been in our family for years.", or "What a beautiful piece of furniture, it must be very old".     Heirloom Quality Furniture will enhance your elegant home and give you comfort and service for years to come.